About News & Moods

News & Moods is smartphone app for news reading. It features a unique function that scores sentiment for news and keyword search. Sentiments are shown in five-star mode. In its sentiment scoring system, the range 2.6-5.0 indicates positive sentiment, which is in green color. 5 star means the highest positive level. When the news is neutral in sentiment, it shows in yellow color with 2.5 stars. However, while the star is lower than 2.5, it is in red color and means that it is negative in content. You can read news in or by different sentiment scores, or search news with keywords. The search result will carry sentiment scores of the keywords. It will make your research easier in terms of sentiment scores. One can sort search result by sentiment scores. For example, all most negative news can be ranked for you to read.

News and Moods App has two main features, including customized section and push notification. As for customized section, it is designed for users to select their own interested topics represented by keywords. For example, if you are interested in a US stock 'Microsoft', you can use 'Microsoft' as a keyword to search news. The result will be named 'Microsoft' automatically. You can easily save this as a section in the settings of the app. Now you will find a newly created and customised section 'Microsoft' along with all other major pre-set categories. Users can directly view news based on their personal interests and satisfy their own needs. You can delete the section, if you no longer need it.

Another feature is push notification, which allows users to set up notifications in 'Manage Alert' under 'Content'. A few things need to be specified: Firstly, the keyword(s); secondly, the operator(s); thirdly, the sentiment scores; fourthly, edition by country, and finally, the number of hours between notifications. Push notifications will send a message to your phone, whenever a piece of news meets the criteria of your keyword settings. This gives you earliest alert of what is happening in the world about the keywords and its sentiments set by a user. No one will miss anything important to them. Usually, a push notification will be promptly sent to the users less than 60 second the system detects the match. One can have up to 5 keywords for push notification. They can be easily added and deleted according to ones needs.

News & Moods is based on Lexxe Search Engine, a world-first sentiment search engine by Lexxe Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia.