Business owner

As a business owner, profit is most important for you. Knowing the latest competitor information is a basic way to help you design your strategies. Using News & Moods allows you to get all the information necessary. After you search the key words (on the search bar), you can turn key words search into a new custom section. That way, you can read the latest news from the key word at any time. Beside, every time when you type the product as a key word, you can get sentiment scores from our system. Thus, you can know if the product is good or bad in general. For example, you can also type your competitor’s product as a key word. And then, according the sentiment scores, you can to know if the customers like or dislike the product in general. This will help you make some changes to get the maximum profit. Beside, you can set your key word as alert. You can set the sentiment score mark, edition and frequency. When the keywords meet the conditions you set, you can get news notifications immediately.