Government department official and city councillor

Knowing what's going on in the council area is one the most important things for you. Using News & Moods, you can easily get all the news as they happen in different council areas. Firstly, you can type your city as a key word into the search bar, like typing 'Sydney' as a keyword. Not only can it allow you to know the general sentiment score of Sydney, whether positive or negative, but also you can turn and add the key word (Sydney) search result as a new section. You will get the newest information about Sydney anytime when you refresh it. Secondly, you can set your key word as alert. You can set the sentiment score mark, edition and frequency. When the keyword meets the conditions what you set, you can get news notification immediately. For example, if you set Parramatta as an alert and set the sentiment score higher than 2.7, edition as Australia, and frequency as 6 hours, then every time when 'Sydney' has news and also the sentiment score are greater than 2.7, you can get a news notification in every 6 hours. It is a good way to help you know the city information in as it happens.