Newspaper journalist

As a journalist, the most important question for him/her remains: "What's the story?" It is obvious that you need to be always on top of the news, always in search of interesting and important issues you could explore. News & Moods apps are particularly useful, because they help you find exactly what you want in seconds. It also offers unique features that can provide sentiment scores for the news and keywords. Editors and journalists can find their keywords in the news immediately along with sentiment scores, positive or negative, anytime and anywhere. One can add the keyword search result and turn it into a customized section for regular monitoring of the keywords and their sentiment scores, which is helpful for you to write stories. Moreover, you can add keyword sections up to 20, which help effectively compare them and follow the news with sentiment scores.

Simply grab News & Moods and it makes your search of news much easier. It will make news gathering, sentiment information collecting, editing and story writing easier too.