Loan manager

There is no doubt that financial information is one of the important things to a loan manager. News & Moods provides loan managers the latest news with sentiment scores, with which one decides how much loan or no loan will be provided to customers. First of all, one can type their local economy area as a key word to search. Then he/she can get a general sentiment score from our system. It is a benefit to help loan manager know the general financial environment of the area. Secondly, our APP allows one to set their own sections. After searching the competitor’s background information, one can use the results to add a new section, so that it is easy to get the whole loan information in promptly and regularly. Besides, News & Moods allows one to choose different editions for news contents. He/she can use different editions for news to get different country's financial information. Thirdly, a loan manager is able to set alert by keywords and related information, such as different sentiment score range, edition and frequency. While news contents meet their set conditions, a loan manager will get the latest news immediately. Without sentiment scores on the keyword, a loan manager will have to spend a lot more time into investigating the applicant companies, make the work extremely inefficient and costly. Furthermore, he/she can request the most negative information about the applicant and focus on it, because negative information matters a lot in decision making. Such benefits are not available in traditional search engines like Google. It makes sentiment search a valuable tool for loan mangers and other business managers alike in analyzing various situations among huge volumes of all information.