Newspaper editor

As a newspaper editor, how to select news content is a big problem. News & Moods makes it easier in helping editors select news contents. The app provides sentiment scores for search results. There are two sentiment scores shows in our App. One is the key word sentiment score, and the other is the news content sentiment score. One can also sort the content from low to high or high to low sentiment scores. Editors can tell what is happening positively or negatively at the moment. So it is easy to select positive content or negative content in news. What is more, our App allows to set a several sections from one's own interest. An editor can tum any keyword search result into a section, so he/she can easily find their interested news. Last but not least, it has a significant function that will meet an editor's need. An editor can set his own keywords and sentiments in alert. Every time when the news content meets the conditions set, the news will be sent immediately.