Politician and political party campaign manager

Tracking political news one cares about with News & Moods app, he/she will receive a branch of political news sources from the world. This app provides a unique feature allowing readers to search news with a particular sentiment. Not only can App users search a particular keyword, but they can also set it into a section. Moreover, users can put their own interested key word as an alert, setting the alert by sentiment score range and editions of a certain country as well as the frequency. The alert will appear on a user's smartphone screen with a short news title. Let's suppose you are a political party campaign manager, who has the need for searching latest news relate to a particular election, his/her own party leaders, MPs, candidates and those of the opponents. During the campaign, his/her mind would really care about the news with sentiments about the candidates. For example, a campaign manager can search 'Donald Trump' and 'Hillary Clinton' for new key word sections to follow in the election campaign. One can compare the severity of problems by checking the negative scores of keywords. Opponents' negative news is always a gain for the party. Also, you can add keyword sections up to 20. It is a most effective way to compare and follow political news with sentiment scores. They tell how well each candidate performs in the campaign.