Share trader or owner

News & Moods provides various functions for people with different occupations and interests. The unique feature can provide sentiment scores for news and keywords. Let's assume you are a share trader. You can get access to and search news related to the share(s) you bought, which helps you monitor the market efficiently. Moreover, share traders can read the system provided sections and even set up their own interested topics as a section to observe relevant information about the topics, in addition to managing push notification as well. The positive and negative sentiment scores about the company can directly influence the stock market value. Our app can help share trader make decisions whether to buy or sell specific shares after they read the news with sentiment scores. For instance, Samsung note 7 had an accident of battery explosion recently. The manufacturer had to recall the product from the customers. The bad news is huge for Samsung, who lost money and the stock market value dramatically. Negative sentiment score about the 'Samsung' section you already set up within the app can be felt apparently. In this case, the share traders who bought Samsung's shares, can observe the news and their sentiment, and might decide to sell the shares from Samsung. Therefore, share traders can be timely informed and avoid financial risk, which is worthwhile if they use this app.