Q1. What are the most useful and outstanding features of News n Moods?

Firstly, News n Moods has a unique function that can give news a sentiment score before you read the news. It indicates if the news is in positive, negative or neutral in sentiment. In this case, news can be read by different sentiments. That's why there are special editions of news called 'Good News', 'Bad News' in News n Moods, which you won't find in any other news apps. One can also search and sort results according to sentiment on the keywords.

Secondly, it allows you to set your own news section based on keywords of your choice. However, the most attractive part of this function is that it will make it easier for the users to find out and monitor the overall sentiment of this whole section on a regular basis.

Thirdly, if you set a keyword and a sentiment score, it will send you the relevant news in push notification. Currently, News n Moods is the only news smartphone app in the world that provides notification based on the sentiment of a keyword in news.

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